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Tarmac in Dalston





Tarmac was established in 1903 and was acquired by Anglo American in 2000. Primarily known for its supply of a range of building and aggregate products into the construction industry
It was the start of a new century. The Boer War raged, Queen Victoria's long rein had just ended and the civilised world was starting to feel the effects of the new age of the motor car. The search was on for a material that would create better road surfaces. . .

As if by chance, on a road near Denby ironworks in Derbyshire in 1901, the county surveyor of Nottingham - Edgar Purnell Hooley noticed a barrel of tar had fallen from a dray and burst open.

To avoid a nuisance, someone from the ironworks had thoughtfully covered the sticky black mess with waste slag from nearby furnaces. . . and the world's first tarmacadam surface was born by accident!

Hooley noticed that the patch of road, which had been unintentionally re-surfaced, was dust-free and hadn't been rutted by traffic. So he set to work and by the following year, 1902, Hooley obtained a British patent for a method of mixing slag with tar, naming the material Tarmac.

By June 1903, Hooley formed the TarMacadam Syndicate Limited, the origin of what is now known as The Tarmac Group, the UK's leading supplier of building materials.

Tarmac have been operating at Cardewmires for many years. The company is a great supporter of the local community and will happily consider projects which have environmental and educational benefits.