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Webcards for Your Business on the Dalston Website

All parish businesses, or businesses belonging to a resident of the parish, are entitled to a presence on the Dalston web site.  Dalston businesses can be represented in a number of different ways on the site:

Standard Web Card - this is rather like a business card on the web, with little information other than name, address and contact details plus a single sentence describing the nature of the business.

Enhanced Web Card - as a Web Card but with a link to your own website, if you have one, and a Contact Us email facility. This type of web card will allow users of the site to make direct contact with you and your business. They will be able to send you an email containing details of their enquiry.

Super Enhanced Web Card - as an Enhanced Webcard but giving YOU the chance to make changes as often as you wish. It also includes an additional marketing space for the most up-to-date information about your business, plus a scrolling advertising banner at the top of the webcard. Click here for and example.

Up-to 5 brand logos or photographs of products you sell or distribute - include the brand logos for your main products or show a picture of your business premises.
A long description describing the nature of your business.
Business News and Event Flashes - now you can advertise forthcoming events, product news etc.

Single Page Web Site - a full page of information about your business.  The design and layout of the page can be provided by you, or we can, for a small fee, design the page to suit your requirements.  Again, like a web card, a link can be provided through to your own site, if you have one. You can display up-to 3 photographs of your business.

Enhanced Web Page - as single web page but with database links to individual product details or News or Event flashes. Each product details page can contain a product photograph, descriptive information about the product, its price and a request for more details.
Multiple Page Web Site - as an extension of the single page web site, businesses can have a fully specified multiple-page site, either within the Dalston web site, or hosted separately.
Business News and Event Flashes - any advertiser with an Enhanced Web Page can have their own News or Event flashes which will appear in a new area of the front page of the website. Users will be able to advertise their own events or special promotions.
Changing Own Content - It is possible to provide advertisers with the capability of changing their own web page content as often as they wish. This will involve the purchase of a special piece of software for the purpose.
Non Dalston Businesses - If a business does not have a Dalston post code, it can still advertise in the website business section. However, there will be a 10% premium on the Dalston post code prices.
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