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Dalston Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires


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Dalston Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires
All the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires have now been completed and the results analysed
If anyone is interested in making a late comment then they can still contact The Steering Group, c/o DPC at Forge Green if they have any further views to convey. See your thanks to all who assisted with the questionnaires below.

A vital part of all Neighbourhood Plans is consultation with the residents of the parish, local businesses and other interested parties such as land owners and developers.

This consultation is partly carried-out by surveying interested parties by questionnaire. The Dalston Neighbourhood Plan currently has three questionnaires.

The Business Questionnaire
Intended for any business that operates within the parish who wishes to put forward its view of the future use of land and how this would affect its development for the next 15 years.

The Farming Questionnaire

Intended for farm businesses and those who own land located within the parish who wish to put forward their views on how future use of land would affect this business development for the next 15 years.

The Dalston Visions Questionnaire

Intended for all the residents of the parish over the age of 16 who have an interest in how the development of land would affect them in the future 15 years.

All the above information is collected and used to assist the Dalston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in drafting policies concerning land use until 2030 within the parish, taking into account the wishes of all of the above consultees.If you have already been approached to take part and wish to do so online, please click the appropriate link above and use the password and then your unique reference to complete the survey.

Thank you for helping with this important process of Local Planning.


Thanks to all who have assisted so far, a note from Chris Drouet...

On behalf of The Dalston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Dalston Parish Council I would like to thank all the volunteers for their efforts distributing and collecting, where possible the questionnaires for the Dalston Visions Survey.

This was a mammoth task with 1190 forms being delivered and 426 returned.

This return is really quite amazing as the professionals tell me to get more than an 8 – 10% return is considered good and we got nearly 36%.

The survey closed at the end of June 2015 and we started inputting the manual forms although we did have a few delivered online (15% approx.).

The raw data has been analysed, and from this we have produced two reports, the “DNP Dalston Visions Survey 2016: Full Report” and “DNP Dalston Visions Comment Bank”.

These two documents have provided a wealth of information which will be used to give an indication of the views of all the residents of The Parish on future land use and development, plus views on many other issues concerning those who live in Dalston Parish. All this information will not only help with the production of The Dalston Neighbourhood Plan but also provide useful information for future Parish projects and initiatives.

A “Draft Dalston Neighbourhood Plan” should be available for residents to view in late spring this year.

Chris Drouet

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