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Dalston Housing Needs Survey






Dalston Housing Needs Survey 2005 This survey should not be confused with the Parish Plan or a future Design Statement for Dalston Parish. The Parish Plan is due for publication by the end of June 2005. However, the Housing Needs survey should be read in conjunction with the Parish Plan and other important documents for Dalston. Click to read in full.

1138 copies of the questionnaire were successfully delivered. 379 completed responses were returned, which is a response rate of 33.3%. A total of 110 households among those 379 responses expressed a need to move. 21 of these 110 households were assessed as being in need of affordable housing, 20 of them within the next 5 years.


The Housing Needs survey which was carried out in February 2005 concludes that there are at least 20 households in need of affordable housing over the next 5 years. The survey recommends a development of up-to 15 units. A mixed tenure development would best accommodate the roughly even split between demand for owner-occupation and housing association rented accommodation as 10 respondents also expressed an interest in shared ownership housing. The report suggest the following model for development:

6 x 2 bedroom houses

3 x 3 bedroom houses

4 x 2 bedroom houses

2 x 2 bedroom bungalows (designed to wheelchair standard). Preference to be given to elderly or disabled tenants.

You can read the full report by clicking here.