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Dalston Website Registration





Dalston Website Registration

In February 2006 the number of separate user sessions topped 8000 for the first time. While the majority of our users come from the UK, with a high percentage from Dalston Parish, we know that there are users from all over the world with Dalston connections and who want to keep in touch. Some time ago we started a registration system, but this was not brought forward into the present format.


What is the point of registration? If you register with the site we record your name and email address in our database and place a small file on your PC (called a cookie) which helps us to improve the service which we try to provide by telling us which pages are the most popular.

If you register, we will then be able to email you occasionally with news about items on the site which are of particular interest. If you already receive an email from us, then that will continue, but please register anyway (you won't get two emails).

Remember the Dalston website is not trying to sell you anything. It exists purely to provide information to our many users. We do have a commercial arm, but that is designed to provide businesses with the chance to tell you about their products in the form of a webcard. The income which we receive from these webcards, together with a small grant from Dalston Parish Council, goes some way to covering the cost of maintaining the site. Your email address and username are totally private and will not be released to any third party.

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