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Storm Desmond The Fatermath
Dalston Parish Website

The damage to the Caldew between Rose and Bell Bridges following the
big blow from Storm Desmond on 5th December 2015
Pictures by Ronnie Auld 3rd January 2016 showing the aftermath
The following pictures were taken just a month after Storm Desmond. Since then we have had a number of other named storms, but nothing on the scale of Desmond. The land between Rose and Bell Bridges is a flood plain, so we have to expect the river to spread out. However, there are many trees in this area, many of which are already in the Caldew just waiting to move down and damage the next bridge, and some of those on the river's edge are poised to fall into the Caldew at next big flood.
Although only a small tree this time, this is typical of the problems faced by Cumbria bridges. The 2½ mile section between this bridge and Bell Bridge has many, many tress in the river and countless more just waiting to be swept in when the next storm arrives.
This shows how high the Caldew reached just above Rose Bridge (above and below).
One of a number of landslips
The river is now much wider in many places - double the width in places. There is a significant loss of valuable land.
There are a number of tree gathering places. If only the trees could be removed from these sites before they move further down river and cause more bridge damage.
The river has been through gate and has left it damaged. The gales will eventually cause the hinges to be bent.
Tree graveyard.
The gate at the top of this plantation has completely gone and the river has seriously eroded the bank, progressively taking out trees. Eventually, if nothing is done, all of the trees in this planation will be pulled out and dumped into the river.
The fenceline is where the path used to be!
Bog Bridge. This important footbridge (recently replaced) is being eroded again. This would be simple to put right and perhaps avoid another costly rebuild.
Big bite out of the field. The next storm will keep on eating into the field.
All the pictures below are of the iconic Bell Bridge, currently damaged and closed.
Not obvious where Bell Bridge has been damaged.

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